Cationic polyacrylamide for sludge dewatering

Polyacrylamide is widely used, and cationic polyacrylamide has absolute advantages in sludge dewatering. The effect of cationic polyacrylamide CPAM in sludge dewatering is much better than that of other types of PAM, especially for water with complex or frequently changing water quality conditions and sludge dewatering in oil refineries and chemical plants, the effect is better. .

However, when choosing cationic polyacrylamide as sludge dewatering agent, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the properties and characteristics of raw water! Take the actual problem we encountered in a domestic sewage treatment plant a few days ago. This one uses a centrifugal dehydrator, but according to the manufacturer’s requirements, the water content must be around 78% to 80%, and the filter press filter The sludge is used as fertilizer. In this case, the ionic degree of cationic polyacrylamide should be 50%. If the cationic ion is too small, the dehydration ability will be smaller, and the moisture content will be larger.tu

Post time: Mar-17-2022
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