Features of the flocculant

1) The flocculation is efficient, and it can even efficiently remove various non-ionic dyes.

 2) High standard, the COD value in the treated water can directly reach the second-level emission standard, and if strictly operated, it can directly achieve the first-level (COD≤50ppm).

 3) The floc is large and solid, which is beneficial to the separation of sludge and water.

 4) It is suitable for a wide range of pollutants, not only can remove domestic sewage, industrial sewage, but also can remove cyanobacteria and other pollutants.

 5) It has strong adaptability and can be used in high-salinity sewage and seawater. This is a function that no other products can achieve so far, and it can effectively eliminate the harm of red tide to the aquaculture industry.

 6) It is very effective for sludge dewatering and oil sand washing, and the industrial market is very large.图

Post time: Mar-22-2022
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