Why can’t the result of wastewater treatment with PAM reach the effect mentioned by the manufacturer?

Three important indexes of anionic polyacrylamide are molecular weight, degree of hydrolysis, and solid content. The main indexes of cationic polyacrylamide are ionic degree, solid content, and molecular weight. The molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide ranges from 6 million to 22 million, and the ionic degree of cationic polyacrylamide ranges from 20% to 60%. Recently, a lot of customers who are not in the field respond that the effect of adding polyacrylamide is not good. Oubo Chemical water treatment PAM factory suggests that the corresponding anionic or cationic products should be selected according to the on-site sewage treatment process and equipment.

The degree of hydrolysis of polyacrylamide is lower than that of other similar products. For some soluble flocculants, the higher the degree of ionization, the more ions corresponding to mucus, and the weaker the degree of hydrolysis. As usual, the hydrolysis rate of PAM with high charge value is faster than that of PAM with low charge value.



Then, why can’t the effect of wastewater treatment with PAM reach that mentioned by the manufacturer? The following reasons by Oubo Chemical’s opinion:

1. Dissolution time: polyacrylamide should be applied as soon as possible after melting into liquid. With the increase of storage time, the medicament will degrade with too long storage time. The viscosity of liquid will be lower, and the effect of sewage treatment will be more affected. As usual, polyacrylamide liquid can be stored for 1-2 days. The storage time of solid polyacrylamide is longer. It is recommended that the customer use polyacrylamide aqueous solution at present.

2. Temperature: when the polyacrylamide liquid is proportioned, it begins to degrade gradually when the temperature reaches 60 ℃. The anionic flocculant with 22 million molecular weight will degrade to 5 million when it reaches the inevitable high temperature, which will destroy the molecular chain layout. The application effect of shadow phase will degrade faster and faster with the increase of temperature.

3. Mixing: the mixing machine can advance the ablation rate of polyacrylamide, but the mixing rate is too high, which will cut off the molecular chain layout of polyacrylamide. It is recommended that the mixer control the speed of 150 rpm, and do not use high-strength mixing materials and high-speed transport equipment.

4. Water quality: Oubo Chemical water treatment polyacrylamide manufacturer suggests that neutral pure water or tap water should be used for stirring and ablation. If the river water quality is applied, polyacrylamide ablation will be affected. Because the river water contains impurities, the viscosity of polyacrylamide and the effect of sewage disposal punishment will be affected.

Post time: Sep-30-2020
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